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Public Benefits

Public Benefits for Children with Intellectual Disability/Mental Retardation

The Office of Intellectual Disability (OID) provides support for Allegheny County residents with a diagnosis of mental retardation.

Note:  As of July 2010, the Office of Intellectual Disability changed its name from the Office of Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities.

To be eligible for services, onset of Intellectual Disability/Mental Retardation must occur and be diagnosed before age 22.

How to Register

To register with the Allegheny County Office of Intellectual Disability, call Intake/Registration at 412-253-1250. A registration specialist will assist you through the process.

If your child is eligible for services you will be asked to choose a Supports Coordination Organization (SCO). There are three SCOs in Allegheny County:

Resource Contact Information

Mon Valley Supports Coordination
Family Links
Staunton Clinic

The SCO will appoint a Supports Coordinator for your child.

The Supports Coordinator:

  • May complete a Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services (PUNS) to determine your child's level of need.
  • Develops, with information from you, an Individual Support Plan (ISP) for your child which is updated annually.
  • Explains the availability of funding for services not covered by medical insurance or other sources.
  • Helps locate, coordinate and monitor needed supports and services