Medical Insurance &
Public Benefits

Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis Treatment (EPSDT) and Wraparound Services


Children who are enrolled in Medicaid are automatically enrolled in the EPSDT program which provides children with free preventive health care.  It includes referrals and assistance in scheduling physical exams, hearing and vision testing, immunizations, growth and developmental assessments, dental exams, routine lab tests, and transportation assistance to and from appointments.  The program also can provide free eyeglasses, hearing aids, braces and assistive technology devices, and oversee that all children receive follow-up care.

Call 888-ASK-HRSA (888-275-4772) or 877-489-4772 (TTY). Please see your health care insurer for any further information on EPSDT.

Wraparound Services

Children under 21 on MA are entitled to Wraparound Services to address complex mental health needs.  The wraparound process is based on a philosophy of providing highly individualized services to meet the needs of children and families. A facilitator (case manager) works with families to set goals, determine needs, and develop therapeutic options.

The Wraparound process includes natural community supports as well as the following EPSDT Services:  Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS), Mobile Therapists (MT), Behavior Specialist Consultants (BSC), Family-Based Mental Health (FBMH) services, Resource Coordination (RC), and Intensive Case Management (ICM).

For information, call the Office of Behavioral Health at 412-350-4457 or 412-350-3467 (TTY).

See Public Benefits for Children with Mental Health / Behavioral Health Disabilities and Public Benefits for Children with Intellectual Disabilities in this Section for more information.