Medical Care


Screening tests can help monitor your child’s health and development. Identifying areas of need early in a child’s life can help prevent or significantly reduce future problems. In general, screenings are quicker and less invasive than evaluations such as diagnostic tests.  However, if the result of a screening is “positive,” it indicates that more extensive evaluation is needed.

Your child’s primary care provider will provide routine screenings related to physical growth (head circumference, weight, and height/length measurements); overall development, including speech and motor skills; blood tests, and urine tests.  Many PCPs also screen for hearing and vision problems.

Screening tests that are part of the Pennsylvania Early Periodic Screening Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT) program can be provided by your child’s PCP.

For more information about EPSDT, see the Medical Insurance and Public Benefits section of this Guide.

In Allegheny County, developmental screenings for children birth to age 3 can be obtained free of charge from the Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, 412-885-6000.

See the Early Intervention and Developmental Support section of this Guide for more information about screenings for developmental delays.

All schools in Pennsylvania are required to provide vision, hearing, growth, and other screenings.