Medical Care

Home Medical Equipment

Home Medical Equipment is categorized as disposable and non-disposable (“durable").

Disposable home medical equipment includes such items as:

  • disposable diapers or incontinence protection briefs
  • respiratory tubing and ventilator circuits
  • tube feeding equipment
  • ostomy supplies
  • urinary care supplies

Durable medical equipment includes such items as:

  • respiratory equipment such as nebulizers, compressors, oxygen, home ventilators, cough assist machines, vibrating vest machines, suction machines
  • tube feeding pumps
  • intravenous infusion pumps
  • hospital beds
  • bath aids such as shower chairs and bathtub slings
  • specialized toilet chairs
  • wheelchairs, walkers, standers
  • lifting and transfer equipment, if not attached to the structure of the house (If attached to the structure, it can be considered a “home modification,” which is generally not covered by health insurance. For more information, see Alternative Funding  and Home Modification in the Family Support section of this Guide.)

Medical insurers generally require a medical prescription or letter of medical necessity for home health care supplies. Even with a medical prescription, your child’s medical insurer may not pay for home health care supplies and services unless it is covered in the benefits plan.

See the Medical Insurance and Public Benefits section of this Guide for information about using private and public medical insurance.

Once you have verified insurance coverage, you need to identify a company or vendor.  Some medical insurers have “in network” providers for such services.  However, you may be able to select a company or vendor based on recommendations from health care providers, therapists, or other families.  If you are not satisfied with the home health care company or vendor you have selected, remember that you can change at any time.  You may need a new medical prescription to make the change.

See Assistive Technology in the Family Support section of this Guide for information about non-medical equipment that helps individuals communicate, access computers and perform other activities.