Medical Care

Dental Care

Dental care is an important part of overall health. If dental problems are not treated, they can result in more serious health problems. However, with preventive dental care and daily hygiene, disease is almost entirely preventable.

Research shows that dental care is the leading unmet health care need for children with disabilities. One of the reasons is a shortage of dental providers who accept patients who use Medical Assistance (also called MA or Medicaid). Another issue is the ongoing need for professional education regarding how to effectively treat individuals with special health care needs.

All Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) are required by law to provide oral health care services to their clients. To find a dentist that accepts your child’s Medicaid plan, call the “member services” number on the insurance card.

See Medical Insurance and Public Benefits section of this Guide for information about Medicaid.

Resource Contact Information

If you cannot find a dentist for your child with special health care needs, contact:

The Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP)
Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Dental Information

General Information About Special Needs Dentistry

ACHIEVA Advancing Oral Health Care Project
American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry
My Smile Guide: An online tool for oral health assessment, monitoring, and education
National Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped
Special Care Dentistry Association

Providers of Special Needs Dentistry

Accessible Dental Services, Inc.
Allegheny County Health Department Dental Program
Alma Illery Health Center
Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh Dental Services
East Liberty Family Healthcare Center
Focus on Renewal Sto-Rox Neighborhood Corporation
House Health Center
Primary Care Health Services, Inc
Rankin Family Health Center
University of Pittsburgh UPMC School of Dental Medicine
Center for Patients with Special Needs
University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine Student Clinic
Primary Health Care Services, Inc - West End Health Center
West End Family Dental Center