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"Gifted" Services and the IEP

In Pennsylvania, public school students who meet the criteria for “gifted” services have the right to education that helps them reach their potential. The services must be individualized and free of charge. (Note that charter schools are not required by law to provide gifted education services.)

If your child is eligible for “gifted” services AND has a disability that entitles him/her to special education, the school must develop a single IEP for the child.

Resource Contact Information

Center for Schools and Communities’ Gifted Education
News and resources regarding gifted education.
Education Law Center
“Rights of Gifted Students in Pennsylvania” (publication)
Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE)
Nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to helping gifted education.
Pennsylvanians for the Education of Gifted Students (PEGS) 
Grassroots organization established by parents of gifted students.
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Provides links to “Parents’ Guide to Gifted Education,” sample forms, and guidelines.