Early Intervention &
Therapy for all Ages and Needs

Other Providers

You also may want your child to obtain Early Intervention services through agencies that do not have a contract to provide publicly-funded services. You will be expected to pay for these services or use medical insurance and/or medical assistance (Also known as MA or Medicaid).

Providers of non-publicly-funded Early Intervention include:

Resource Contact Information

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC
The Children's Institute of Pittsburgh
The Children's Therapy Center of Washington Hospital
The Watson Institute
DePaul School for Hearing and Speech
Easter Seals Western Pennsylvania
Laughlin Center
UPMC - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
- Western Pennsylvania Regional Center for Autism
- Theiss Child Development Center Early Autism Program
Verbal Beginnings
Western Pennsylvania School for Blind Children, (WPSBC)
Free Toddler Program (birth - age 3)
Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf (WPSD)